About EdRests

Welcome and thank you for visiting EdRests. 


My name is Chris, I am a secondary school head of department in Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom and I am the founder and creator of EdRests.

What is EdRests?

Education staff work tirelessly to provide the best opportunities for the children in their care, and EdRests wants to provide the same level of dedication back. 

EdRests is a community wellbeing platform for people working in education, to network and socialise with each other over their shared interests.

When there are many social media platforms out there for people to use, why does education need its own platform?

The idea for EdRests comes from my own experience, where I have many friends who do not work in education.Therefore during the academic breaks if I did want to pursue my interests/hobbies during the day very few of them would be around. Having been fortunate enough to have been on some trips away with colleagues from my previous school, it dawned on me that a platform to allow people in education to network/socialise with likeminded professionals could be hugely beneficial to people's wellbeing and widen friendship/support groups.

What could I use EdRests for?

Some examples it could be used for are;



You have always wanted to visit a particular place/country, but you might not have anyone to go with, or know someone who wants to visit there during an academic break. EdRests provides the platform for education staff who do want to go to said place at the same time as you, to network and make contact to organise a trip together. This could save costs and build friendships/networks that can last a lifetime.

Live Events

During an academic break, there is a festival happening during the day you would really like to go to, but there may not be anyone available to go with you and you may not want to attend it on your own. You can post on the EdRests forum for your location "Is anyone else going to the X Festival in Y today, or would like to come along?"  People can then reply to your post if they are interested and then contact each other through your preferred format such as e-mail or a social media account.

Daytime Activities

Perhaps you have got a dog and would like company to discover new walks together during the school holidays. You can post on

EdRests Events page  for your county, a photo of you and your dog and whether anyone would like to accompany you on your walks. When people reply, you can then decide to contact each other through your preferred contact preferences.

How do I Sign Up? 

  1. Create a social media account and/or have an e-mail address.

  2. Visit edrests.co.uk

  3. Sign up and make a free profile (remember to put a contact e-mail or social media name/handle so contact can be made if appropriate 

  4. Click on EdRests Events to create and see existing EdRests Events/suggestions.